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We need to talk about what happened in Washington DC

The events in Washington DC; REVIEW: We Are the Champions (Netflix); Pope Francis announces The year of the family and Amoris Laetitia; Three books I'm reading in January; The earth is rotating faster; My Smart Home experiences in 2021.

What journaling taught me (so far)

In this episode, I talk about my experiences with journaling (using DayOne) in the first week of the new year.

Looking for Wisdom in the New Year

In this episode of The Walk, I share the first fruits of journaling with the DayOne app: a new way to plan my week and a better balance between work and recovery during the day. […]

The Holiday Show

The last show of 2020! With Wonder Woman 1984, introductions to philosophy and Bible studies, my Book Reading Challenge, Humankind: a Hopeful History and iPad accessories.

Bringers of Light

During a Christmas walk I tell you how my journey this year shares a number of aspects with the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Now that we celebrate how the birth of Jesus […]

Remembering Jeremy Bulloch, Disney Plus, Churches and Corona

In this episode News: remembering Jeremy Bulloch Movies/TV: the Disney Plus Star Wars and Marvel line-up Peculiar Bunch: what to think about Sunday Mass restrictions in Corona times? Subscribe to the podcast feed via RSS | iTunes | Google Play. […]

Breaking Bad?

In this episode I share with you the measures I’m taking to make room for my recovery in the upcoming weeks. I also talk about the process of soul-searching that I have been going through […]

‘Long Covid’, The Boys, The Mandalorian and the Lord of the Rings 4K

In this episode: News: “long Covid” therapy, churches in Corona times Movies/TV: The Boys (Amazon Prime), The Mandalorian (Disney Plus), Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit 4K restoration. Peculiar Bunch: why do priests work […]

The Pyramid

Because I continue to suffer from long-term consequences of Covid-19, my doctor has prescribed physical therapy to help with post-Covid recovery. But in order to properly heal, I need to make some drastic lifestyle changes and reorder my priorities. In this episode of The Walk, I discuss the consequences.

The Question Behind the Question

I recently experienced a number of setbacks that made me feel terrible. I kept asking myself why things were the way they were, when people would change, who to blame for what I experienced. And […]