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James Randi, Emily in Paris, Terminator Dark Fate, Pope Francis documentary

In this episode: James Randi died Emily in Paris Terminator Dark Fate Pope Francis’ comments on civil unions for homosexual couples Subscribe to the podcast feed via RSS | iTunes | Google Play.   Follow Father Roderick on social media: […]


The enduring pandemic takes a toll on our mental and spiritual well-being. I share how the lingering effects of my Covid-19 infection teach me to take better care of myself. Follow me on social media: […]

Star Trek Discovery, Fratelli Tutti and the iPhone 12

News: life after Covid-19 Movies/TV: Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Peculiar Bunch: Why did pope Francis write Fratelli Tutti? Books: Smoke and Summons (Numina series) by Charlie Holmberg Tech: Skyrim VR, the iPhone 12 and […]


Despite the ups and downs during this third week of Covid-19, there are small and big things to be thankful for. I share them in this episode. Follow me on social media: Father Roderick on […]

Covid-19, Ozark, Fallen Priests, Bedtime Stories

In this episode: My Covid-19 experiences Movies/TV: Big Bang Theory & Ozark, Avatar, Rick and Morty Peculiar Bunch: Fallen priests Books: Google bedtime stories. Tech: Why I ordered a Pulse Oximeter Social Media Father Roderick […]

Two Weeks of Covid-19

In this episode, I talk about my experiences during the two weeks that I’ve been sick with Covid-19. Follow me on social media: Father Roderick on YouTube – Main channel Father Roderick on Facebook Father […]

Why I’m wearing a mask

In this episode, I explain why I'm currently wearing a mask at all times when I'm outside. I also explain the workflow I developed to reduce the amount of work I have to invest in my video productions.

Movie Plot Clichés

In this episode: morning routines; making The Witcher; Away; Howard; a church of sinners and book books vs. digital books.

Living the Hobbit life and other dreams

If anything was possible, what would your dream-life look like? In this episode, I challenge you to dream big and to take steps to realize your dreams.


In this episode: Life changes; Dune (2020) and Discovery Season 3; Church reform in the sixties; The Dune Saga on Kindle: & Xbox Series X & S.