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Speed boats and oil tankers

In this episode I share my thoughts on patience and providence when life changes faster than you can handle.

Maze Runners and Divine Providence

In this episode: News: new ideas for old churches Movies/TV: Maze Runner Trilogy; the Expanse, the Lost Pirate Kingdom (March 15 on Netflix), WandaVision Season Finale. Peculiar Bunch: what is Divine Providence? Books: Everything is […]

WW84 problems, Penance, Save the Cat, Mars Rover Perseverance

In this episode: News: I’m moving! Movies/TV: My issues with Wonder Woman 1984; WandaVision; Star Wars: the Bad Batch premiere announced Peculiar Bunch: what’s the idea behind ‘penance’? Books: Save the Cat! The Last Book […]

The Road Outside Your Door

Remember what Bilbo used to say: “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept […]

Tiny House Nation, The Expanse, Saint Lidwina

In this episode: News: filming in Schiedam post-Covid Movies/TV: Tiny House Nation; the Expanse Peculiar Bunch: the story of St. Lidwina Books: The Steal Like an Artist Trilogy: How to Be Creative, Show Your Work, […]

Happy Trees

In this episode I share with you how much reducing the number of projects and adhering to a more balanced work schedule has improved my health. Follow me on social media: Father Roderick on YouTube […]

Things I’ve learned in post-Covid therapy

In this episode I share how much I've learned from therapy during my recovery over the past few months. I talk about the leap forward I intend to make this year and about a miserable day that still ended well thanks to journaling.

Golfing on the Moon, Miracle Morning and February Traditions

TV/Movies: The Expanse! Peculiar Bunch: February traditions - Candlemas and Saint Blaise Books: Miracle morning - Hal Elrod. Community tip: The Green Mile. Science: Golf balls on the moon, image stacking Tech: Deep learning. South Korean singer revived with AI.

Kong vs Godzilla, Mars Rover Perseverance, Apple VR

In this episode: Kong vs. Godzilla Disney+ Star Babylon 5 remastered What to do when you feel you’re losing the faith Book challenge update The Mar Rover Perseverance landing Apple’s VR headset and redesigned Macs […]

The Fig Tree

In this episode I talk about my trip through China, about the differences between how I experienced Sundays last year compared to this year and I share some thoughts on the parable of the barren […]