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The gift of your time

In this episode I share my first experiences during my temporary stay at the rectory of Wageningen. How can I find a new balance and a new work/life/prayer rhythm? It's all about who I grant the gift of my time.

Why I was wrong about the Falcon and the Winter Soldier

In today’s episode of my weekly podcast, I explain why I was wrong about Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Other topics in this show: • Movies & TV shows: Indiana Jones 5, The […]

Easter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ikigai, Mars rumblings

Happy Easter! In this episode: Movies/TV: how the 5th wave and the Maze Runner movies foreshadowed the pandemic; Sonic the Hedgehog Peculiar Bunch: the Exultet (link to the Exultet on OPChant) Books: Ikigai: The Japanese […]

An Easter Walk in Wageningen

I take you on an Easter walk as I explore my new surroundings in the city of Wageningen where I’m staying at Fr. Henri’s rectory until I can move in to my new home! Follow […]

Hanna, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Holy Week in a nutshell

In this episode: News: moving/decluttering experiences Movies/TV: Hanna (Amazon Prime), Age of Ultron, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Man of Steel and the Snyder Cut. Peculiar Bunch: Holy Week in a nutshell Books: The […]

Things are getting real

Moving Day is rapidly approaching. In this episode of The Walk, I’ll tell you where I’m going! Follow me on social media: Father Roderick on YouTube Father Roderick on Facebook Father Roderick on Twitter Father […]

The Seal of Confession, Strange New Worlds and Deep Nostalgia

In this episode: News: the clock is ticking… Movies/TV: Coming to America, Marvel Studios’ Assembled: the Making of Wandavision; Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Peculiar Bunch: why I’m irked by a French book about Confession […]


If you could give yourself one piece of advice today, what would it be? I share what I told myself this morning in this new episode of my podcast ‘The Walk’. Follow me on social […]

Speed boats and oil tankers

In this episode I share my thoughts on patience and providence when life changes faster than you can handle.

Maze Runners and Divine Providence

In this episode: News: new ideas for old churches Movies/TV: Maze Runner Trilogy; the Expanse, the Lost Pirate Kingdom (March 15 on Netflix), WandaVision Season Finale. Peculiar Bunch: what is Divine Providence? Books: Everything is […]